Melbourne could open drug injecting room like Kings Cross – 11th Feb –

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The centre in Sydney’s Kings Cross at 5.30am each morning, because there is usually a lot of people waiting for a fix.

“So many of our clients are homeless or in hostels and often in the morning when you wake up if you are opiate dependent, you start to feel a little bit edgy,” the centre’s medical director Marianne Jauncey told

“People genuinely feel a combination of being hit by a bus, having the flu, having gastro and having a migraine all at once until they get a hit.”

A couple of times a day a drug user will need help breathing and at least once a week there is an overdose.

Dr Jauncey has no doubt the controversial injecting room has saved lives since it opened in 2001.

Before it opened, one in 10 heroin overdoes in Australia happened in Kings Cross.

With Victoria now considering its own safe injecting room in North Richmond, the debate over the success of the Kings Cross centre is again in the spotlight.

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